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The River Project

STAGE began to explore The River Project in mid-2020, inspired by PME Professor Supratik Guha's Water-to-Cloud (W2C) project in India. Using sensor technology to measure the health of India's rivers (aka the Water), the W2C team monitored pollution in real-time. The data, mapped onto satellite images, provided color-coded visualizations (heat maps) that are easy to interpret through an open-access platform (aka the Cloud) available to the broader public. W2C also identified trends for the spread of pollution over time and area by applying the data to machine learning models.

In tandem with the scientific study, Professor Surajit Sarkar's team at Ambedkar University Delhi's Centre for Community Knowledge has been investigating the socio-economic impact of river pollution by interviewing riverine communities to collect their past, present and future experiences and expectations of life along India's waterways.

STAGE's goal is to immerse ourselves in both data sets (the scientific research and the interviews) to create and develop a human story about declining water quality, scientific means of addressing water pollution, and the people whose lives are linked to the rivers.

The River Project Collaborators

Supratik Guha
PME Professor of Molecular Engineering
Senior Advisor, Argonne National Laboratory
PI Water-to-Cloud (W2C)

Surajit Sarkar
Associate Professor
Centre for Community Knowledge
Ambedkar University Delhi

Priyank Hirani
Program Director Water-to-Cloud (W2C)


Nutan Maurya
Social Research Collaborator Water-to-Cloud (W2C)


Saba Mundlay
Illustrator, Developer and W2C Data Analyst


Sukanya Randhawa
Independent Research Scientist and IBM Bluewater EYE Developer

Himank Sharma
Project Lead Water-to-Cloud (W2C)


Nishant Chowdhary
Social Entrepreneur and Action Researcher


Malik Mahima
Sociology Scholar and Ethnographic Researcher


Eshu Sharma
Artist Collaborator


The River Project is made possible by:

              Provost's Global Faculty Awards

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