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Photo by Mike Walker Photography
Photo by Mike Walker Photography

Curiosity: The Making of a Scientist is a unique research project encompassing storytelling, science communication and filmmaking. The documentary-style web series takes us into the labs and lives of scientists to explore what motivates, and is involved in, choosing a career in science, what inspires scientific investigation, and the nature of curiosity itself.

Collaborative creative teams of postdoctoral scholars, graduate students and undergraduates employ STAGE’s interdisciplinary process in the development of each scientist’s story. Inspired by methodologies of experimental scientific research, the team analyzes the footage from the film shoots in a manner analogous to analyzing data from an experiment. This allows the team to arrive at the storyline without strong personal biases and lets the footage “direct” the content.

Each episode follows a scientist, balancing the character arcs of the individual and that of the science they practice. By showcasing the diversity of disciplines and of the individuals drawn to dedicate their lives to scientific pursuits, STAGE hopes the series can resonate with, and inspire, a broad audience.

Curiosity's Pilot Episode "Superposition"

The 24-minute short film "Superposition" follows Ph.D. student Nate Earnest-Noble as he attempts to balance the “two states of Nate,” while he builds a device that could have a foundational impact in the field of quantum computing.

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