The Art of Questionable Provenance

The Art of Questionable Provenance
Bend, Fold, Break
Curiosity: The Making of a Scientist
The Information Palace
Molecular Gastronomy
Quantum Games
The River Project

In The Art of Questionable Provenance the lives of a photojournalist, a neuropathologist, an art forensic expert, and a fortune teller intersect around a bizarre crime. A tale of perception that parallels the functions of the brain and explores critical themes emerging from modern neuroscience, The Art of Questionable Provenance examines how we piece together the stories – real or illusory – of our selves. Do the firings of certain neurons in a particular pattern ultimately determine who we are? The Art of Questionable Provenance is a continuing collaboration with the University of California, Santa Barbara, and its participants include prominent scientists and professional artists.

Here's a trailer of the work in progress...

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