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Nate is attempting to build a quantum computing device that can potentially lead to a technological breakthrough. With just a year left before he is supposed to graduate, his device is still not working. He repeatedly encounters failures, for which he blames himself. Without a functioning device, Nate cannot graduate; he considers quitting.

We follow Nate as he struggles through self-doubt, tention with competing labs, and overall fear for the jeopardy of his career. Only through perseverance and a friendly collaboration, with postdoctoral researcher Vatsan, Nate is able succeed.   

Curiosity led him from a troubled childhood to pursue a Ph.D.; it led him to publish, graduate, and reach general academic as well as personal success.  In coming to terms with his past and finally accepting the scientific success he shares with Vatsan, Nate matures as a scientist and as a person.  As Nate reflects on his journey, he internalizes the wisdom of his advising professor Dave: scientists spend most of their time stuck on problems, and it is essential to enjoy the process of getting unstuck. 

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